The Independent Funeral Directors (IFD) College was founded in November 1995. This virtual college was born from a need to provide basic vocational training to those employed in the Independent sector of the Funeral profession, and who were members of the National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF). 

At the time the only access to training for those in the Independent sector was via the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) Diploma course. Although a good course, it was relatively lengthy, expensive and not appropriate for all staff employed in the profession. SAIF set about providing training that was appropriate for all and of a practical nature, hence the foundation of the IFD College.

The first courses to be provided were very basic and were little more than a series of lectures which students attended in order to gain a certificate. It was clear that we needed a more formal approach to training. 

Christine Parker, a Funeral Director from Tonbridge, and SAIF member had experience in adult education and the preparation of NVQ training courses. Chris wrote 14 training units complete with learning outcomes and assessment criteria which were suitable as NVQ training units. Since Autumn 2022 the accredited organisation AIM became part of the Open College Network. Continuing the growth of this, now, accredited NVQ training centre, Chris then mentored a group of funeral directors through City and Guilds assessor and verifier training. Chris, herself was our first qualified NVQ assessor and trainer and later became an accredited moderator and our first Director of Education. Chris is also the curriculum development director responsible for the preparation and accreditation of all new programmes and modules.

The IFD College now has its own identity acting as an educational source for all within the funeral profession regardless of trade association membership.