Enrolment & Policies

To enrol a student for a course, please contact the College administrator who will issue a registration form, training confirmation letter, and invoice for training. Cohorts will usually consist of students from different businesses. We will however arrange workshops for individual firms where they can guarantee a minimum of 4 students. Please contact the College administrator for more information. Some programmes will be offered as virtual workshops via Zoom for those who are unable to access any training venue.


Payment must be received prior to training commencing.


All students should be employed, either full-time or part-time, in the Funeral sector or in some cases, and for limited units, be engaged in a work experience placement with a Funeral Director.


We will from time to time consider applications from learners who are not employed within the sector for H&S and Foundation Units only. The final decision will be made by the Governors.



So that we may deliver good training, robust assessment, and verification the following process is rigorously adhered to.
Following completion of your portfolio your assessor will arrange to assess your work. This may involve a telephone or video conferencing interview or a request for further evidence for some of the criteria.

Your Assessor will then finalise marking your portfolio and send it to our internal verifier (IV) who will check the assessment decisions.

If the IV is satisfied the portfolio will then await our next scheduled moderation day. These happen between 4 and 6 times a year.

Following a satisfactory moderation certificates are produced usually around 6 to 10 weeks later.  In some case portfolios may be sampled by thee AIM quality assurance team. You should note that the process from assessment to certification may take several months.