One Awards (previously OCN North East Region) is a Quality Assurance and Accreditation organisation offering accreditation services and high quality, flexible, credit based units of assessment that are quality assured to national standards.  One Awards also provide our external verification. 

The Training Framework

The Unit
A unit within the Credit Framework is defined as 'a coherent set of learning outcomes'.
'Learning outcomes' describe those things which a learner is expected to know, understand or do on completion of a process of learning.
All units within One Awards accredited programmes are represented in terms of:

  • a title
  • learning outcomes
  • assessment criteria

Through the process of accreditation, One Awards will determine for each unit its credit value and level within the National Credit Framework.

Within the Credit Framework, a quite specific definition of 'credit' has been developed: A credit is awarded for those outcomes which a learner, on average, might reasonably be expected to achieve in a notional 10 hours of learning.
This definition of credit is also used by One Awards to ascribe credit value to a unit. Credit value therefore defines the number of credits a learner may achieve through the successful completion of a unit within the Credit Framework.

There are four levels prior to Higher Education.  These are called:

  • Entry Level
  • Level One
  • Level Two
  • Level Three

These levels relate to all learning achievements and each unit has a particular level within the credit framework.

Level Descriptors
The levels have the following descriptors:

  • Entry Level
    The acquisition of a limited range of basic skills, knowledge and understanding in highly structured and self-referenced contexts which permit the identification of progression from the learner's point of entry to the learning process.
  • Level
    OneThe acquisition of a foundation of competences, knowledge and understanding in a limited range of predictable and structured contexts that prepare the learner to progress to further achievements.
  • Level Two
    The acquisition of a broader range of competences, knowledge and understanding which demonstrate the extension of previous abilities in less predictable and structured contexts and prepare the learner to progress to further achievements.
  • Level Three
    The acquisition of a more complex range of competences, knowledge and understanding in contexts which develop autonomous, analytical and critical abilities that prepare the learner to progress to further independent achievements.

The following chart illustrates the approximate equivalences between credit framework levels and other forms of measuring achievement.

NVQ Level 4 equivalent –                                                                                         Higher Education Certificate/BTEC.

Level Three NVQ3 GNVQ Advanced A Level
Level Two NVQ2 GNVQ Intermediate GCSE A* - C
Level One NVQ2 GNVQ Foundation GCSE D - G


How does IFDCollege training fit into One Awards?

IFD College have been approved to offer accredited units since 2007 and currently offers 15 units of accredited training in Funeral Practice. Our One Awards centre number is NO56281.

The fifteen accredited units are as follows:

One Awards Unit Code Unit Name Level Credit Value
QG1/2/NE/006 Health and Safety Legislation and Manual Handling 2 3
QG1/1/NE/005 Safety and Infection Control for Funeral Staff 1 1
QG/1/1/NE/004 First Calls Measuring and Conduct 1 1
QG/1/1/NE/003 Identification Viewing and Personal effects 1 1
QG1/2/NE/008 Removal of human remains for custody and care prior to  disposal. 2 6
QG1/2/NE/001 Coffin and Casket Finishing 2 3
QG1/2/N/002 Vehicle Maintenance, Cortege Driving and Chauffeuring skills 2 6
QG1/2/NE/007 Pall bearing, handling floral tributes and Funeral Procedures. 2 6
QG1/3/NE/002 Taking Funeral Instructions from a client 3 6
QG1/3/NE/003 Death Registration, HM Coroner and Repatriations 3 6
QG1/3/NE/001 The law of Burial and Cremation 3 3
QG1/2/NE/005 Funeral Office Procedures 2 6
QG1/2/NE/003 Loss, Grief & Bereavement and Funeral Planning 2 3
QG1/2/NE/004 Professional Organisations, the Funeral service and customer care 2 3
QG1/3/NE/009 Arranging Infant and Child Funerals 3 6