Course are accredited by One Awards (Previously Open College Network North East)  There are 4 regular courses, each split into units. Students may register for all or any of the units; however we recommend that the Health and Safety units are studied first.

Students will receive a Certificate for each completed course, however, in accordance with our assessment policy, all work must be completed within 2 years to be current.

Students who do not wish to complete the coursework may apply for a letter of Confirmation of Attendance.

A summary of each course is given below, for full details, click on the button next to the course title

Health & Safety for Funeral Staff: Units 1/HS1 & 2/HS2 Click

These units are aimed at all staff employed in Funeral work and should ideally be a first step in Funeral service Training

Contents include: Hygiene: COSHH: Risk Assessments: Fire safety: First Aid provision: RIDDOR: Protective Clothing: Good Housekeeping and Manual Handling.

Foundation Funeral Practitioner: Units 4/G1 & 5/G2 Click

These units are aimed at all staff employed in Funeral work and include the basic skills of measuring, taking first calls and identification, in addition to the conduct expected of those employed in the sector.

Contents include:First calls: Identification: Preparations for viewing: The chapel of Rest: Measuring: Communication and message taking: Conduct and professional standards

Funeral Operative: Units 6/OP1 - 9/OP4 Click

Units 4/G1 and 5/G2 must be completed or in progress before these units are studied.

These units have been designed with those members of our staff who are providing the manual skills in our operation, whether you call them Operatives, Technicians, Drivers, Bearers or just Fred who comes in when we need some extra hands. We all have these valuable people in our employment. If you doubt their worth, consider ‘four funerals back to back and two of them don’t turn up for work’. Perhaps then, some investment in them is not such a bad thing!

Contents include: Driving and Vehicle maintenance: Pall bearing and funeral procedures: care of floral tributes; Coffin fitting and finishing: removals

Funeral Administrator: Units 10/AD1 - 15/AD6 Click

Units 4/G1 and 5/G2 must be completed or in progress before these units are studied.

These units are designed for the Administration Staff, Funeral Arrangers, Receptionists or whatever titles you have chosen to give. These are the folk who will receive your clients, at the very least take some basic information and do all of the back room organisation and administration.

Contents include:Arranging the funeral: Cremation and burial procedures and documentation: HM Coroner and Registrars procedures; Bereavement: Funeral Planning: Trade Associations:Repatriations

Certificate in Funeral Practice (Cert. FP) and Fellowship

Learners who successfully gain a combination of units listed below will be awarded the Certificate in Funeral Practice (Cert.FP) and will be invited to become a Member of the College, which allows them to use MIFDC after their name as well as Cert.FP subject to evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Units required to achieve the Certificate in Funeral Practice (Cert.FP):
     · Units 1/HS1-2/HS2 and Units 4/G1-5/G2
   Plus Either:
       · Units 6/OP1-9/OP4 and at least 2 Units from 10/AD1-15/AD6
       · Units 10/AD1-15/AD6 and at least 2 Units from 6/OP1-9/OP4

Arranging Infant and Child Funerals:  Unit ICF Click 

This course is a 'standalone' course and does not form part of the Cert. FP.  

It is suitable for any member of staff, either operative, administrator, new entrant or 'old hand'.  There are no entry qualifications making it available to all. 

Contents include:  Correct terminology for the period of gestation or age of a foetus or infant, Statutory requirements, Local crematorium and cemetery procedures and cremation processes, supporting bereaved parents, other family members and siblings