Foundation Funeral Practitioner


Anyone employed in Funeral service will benefit from these two units. Covering the essential knowledge for all funeral staff this course, together with the Health & Safety for Funeral Staff, is a good first training step for new employees. The units may also be of value to those who supply goods and services to Funeral Directors and require a working knowledge of the profession.


For those employed in Funeral Service we recommend that IFD College Units 1/HS1 and 2/HS2 have been completed or are in progress.


Workbooks with assignments and exercises are submitted for each unit and will form part of the student's portfolio together with other evidence which the student wishes to submit.

Those who are not employed in Funeral Service will be unable to complete the assessment and will receive a certificate of attendance.


Assessment consists of:

  • Verbal questioning
  • Simple written assignments
  • Observation
  • Other appropriate and acceptable means of assessment

The date of the assessment is agreed between the learner, his/her employer and the assessor.

The learner's completed portfolio is sent for verification, together with the assessor's report.



This Unit is about:

  • Identification of the deceased
  • Measuring
  • Personal conduct and standards
  • Taking First calls, and knowing what information is essential
  • Identifying the clients immediate needs and giving advice
  • Being able to answer questions and pass on information to others

At the end of this training workshop the learner should be able to:

  • Take the initial information which leads to the arrangement of a funeral
  • Be able to advise clients about certification and documentation following a death
  • Create & maintain effective working relationships
  • Demonstrate the ability to take accurate measurements of the deceased in preparation for coffin making and to pass on exact details to relevant officials
  • Identify the requirements for high standards of dress and appearance in the context of the funeral and all related locations
  • Show an understanding of the necessity for behaving in a manner appropriate to the situation when carrying out funerals and working in any other funeral context
  • Express the necessity for confidentiality of information regarding the deceased


This Unit is about:

  • Being able to adapt to the spiritual and emotional needs of clients
  • Understanding about other faith groups
  • Ensuring continuity of identification
  • Being able to measure bodies and coffins, and pass on correct measurements to others

At the end of this training workshop the learner should be able to:

  • Prepare the Viewing Room in accordance with the religious needs of the bereaved and standards of the company.
  • Make visual checks of Coffin/casket prior to viewing
  • Make visual checks of the deceased prior to viewing ensuring that the deceased is appropriately prepared
  • Ensure that the mourners are treated with respect and dignity